About Happy Fitness

The Happy Fitness Company was founded in Saudi Arabia as part of its mission to spread health awareness and spread culture Health food in the Arab society in general and the Saudi society in particular. Malnutrition is the basis for building a society free from health-related diseases associated with weight gain such as diabetes and hypertension Blood and others. In recognition of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, Happy Fitness has taken it upon itself to spread health awareness and interest in sport and healthy nutrition. As part of its plan to correct health and nutrition awareness, the Happy Fitness Company delivered its message in the first quarter From 2016 to reach more than 3000 customers in the first and second branch and still continue its high message In 2019, the total number of happy customers exceeded 75,000 customers who benefited from our services as well as hundreds of thousands who benefited from free services. Happy Fitness Company is a newborn company in Saudi society and serves all sectors of the society by providing awareness services Health and nutrition has been launched to confirm their understanding of the requirements of Saudi society and under the guidance of the wise management of the Queen Saudi Arabia to channel greater support for sport and health awareness. The Gulf society is one of the most prevalent societies of obesity. This is the scourge that has spread in our Arab societies and has taken upon itself To spread health awareness to all sectors of the society so that our society reaches full health awareness and the ideal and clear nutrition For all groups ranging from children to elders. We at Happy Fitness support you and you step by step until we reach the desired goal